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Do you want to learn about how the religious nonmedical health care institution benefit works under Medicare Advantage for patients in Christian Science nursing facilities?”

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Guidelines for Coverage of Christian Science Nursing Facility Services under Managed Care Health Plans

The policies and forms on this page are used by Christian Science nursing facilities that are members of the Christian Science Provider Network (CSPN) to determine whether the criteria for coverage of services under managed care health plans (including Medicare Advantage plans) are satisfied.  These policies were developed from the statutes and regulations governing Medicare generally and the Medicare Advantage program in particular, similar policies and procedures relating to coverage of hospital and skilled nursing facility services, and health plan experts’ input.  If you have questions or comments about these forms, please contact us.

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Preadmission-Acute Pre-Cert form

Preadmission-SNF Pre-Cert form

Acute Precertification Policy

Acute Precertification Form

Acute Utilization Management Policy

Acute Utilization Management Form

SNF Precertification Policy

SNF Precertification Form

SNF Utilization Management Policy

SNF Utilization Management Form